A Virtual Agent to Help Amundi’s Online Clients

Asset Management
Mission Help customers use their online account & answer FAQs.
Antoine is a Virtual Agent and presents a series of video tutorials that introduce the new Amundi Asset Management Website. These videos provide useful tips and help clients discover the most basic features of the site. 

Antoine’s knowledge includes answers to the client’s most frequently asked questions and he is able to provide expert explanations while directing Web visitors to useful pages and content.
Every week, Antoine learns new topics and answers to become increasingly more expert to assist Amundi’s customers.
January 22nd, 2014
The project
Antoine was created to meet Amundi’s marketing and business requirements:
  • Offer a rich and interactive Customer Experience
  • Answer frequently asked questions from clients
  • Capture the “voice of the customers” to enrich Web content and services
The 6-month project was led by the Cantoche Professional Services team to develop a highly industrialized process for the creation of video-marketing content.
The video tutorials are produced with a customized version of Living Actor™ Presenter.
The Virtual Agent is powered by Living Actor™ Assistant.

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