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7 New Avatars To Discover In The Gallery!

I’d like to introduce you to our 7 new avatars that have recently joined our avatar gallery at As you know, we add new avatars and new features every month in the Living Actor™ Gallery, so stay tuned! Talk to you soon, Andrew share this information Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it Tell a friend

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Not Just Another Pretty Face!

Ninety percent of online virtual characters, or avatars, are women… Could it be that virtual females are just better than their male counterparts, or are most uses for avatars today better suited as female representations? Justine Plessier, Project Director at Cantoche, provides some answers in this article. Justine graduated with a Masters degree in Management. […]

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Avatars that Maintain User Attention

Sustaining users’ attention while they visit a website or when they interact with a training course is an important endeavor that can directly impact a company’s bottom line or learning. I just finished reading the book Human Attention in Digital Environments and of specific interest was the chapter Attention-Aware Intelligent Embodied Agents by Benoît Morel […]

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3D Avatars Making of: Meeting with Anh Tu MAI, Art Director

Avatars are elaborate creations that originate from a “simple” 2D design or even a short textual briefing… and end up as sophisticated 3D animated characters. These avatars are defined by many artistic attributes: their graphic style, their animations, their looks, their emotions… Sample images from the video « making of » of BBVA’s avatar Nathalie.   Today, I […]

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Avatars as “virtual reviewers”, with Laurent Ach

Hello, I’m happy to invite you today inside the Cantoche R&D Department, headed by Laurent Ach, CTO. Laurent tells us more about a project called MyPresentingAvatar… Laurent Ach manages Cantoche’s technical team that engages in research and development of the Living Actor™ software suite. After graduating from Ecole Centrale de Lyon in 1990, he worked […]

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E-learning Avatars: The End of the Multimedia Gimmick… The Era of Avatars!

Multimedia gimmicks were overly (and poorly) used in the early 2000’s in e-learning modules. These gimmicks were often represented by over-excited and childish characters that have nowadays become out-dated. For some of us, they have even symbolized poor and inefficient pedagogy and therefore, we may ask to ourselves, why embed characters, and should they be […]

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Senior Avatars Enter the Gallery!

I’m very happy to introduce the first three senior avatars of the Living Actor™ Presenter Gallery! Please welcome Larry, Henri, and James… These avatars respond to the increasing demand for senior avatars representing more diversity in our organizations. Diversity addresses cultural and ethnic origins as well as physical attributes, disabilities, diverse morphology, and age. And you, […]

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The Avatar, a Social Representation of the Self

What is an Avatar? We can answer this question more easily today due to the media buzz around virtual worlds such as Second Life and the success of James Cameron’s movie, Avatar. However an avatar doesn’t limit itself to a random 3D character lost in an empty island or a bluish extraterrestrial… share this information […]

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