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Meet Living Actor @Strategie Clients show in Paris, April 12 to 14


The Living Actor™ team will be very happy to meet you during the Strategie Clients 2016 tradeshow in Paris, France from April 12 to 14. This will be a great opportunity for us to share with you some exciting news about: Customer success stories over the past 12 months:  public sector, tourism, services to companies, energy supply, […]

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New Corporate Website: Responsive Web and Many Case Studies

In 2014, Cantoche turns 15 years old! 15 years of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship 15 years of projects with 500 clients in over 40 countries 15 years of team work to better serve our clients every day We are an innovative leader in customer engagement and we’re pleased to be working on many projects for […]

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3D Avatars Making of: Meeting with Anh Tu MAI, Art Director

Avatars are elaborate creations that originate from a “simple” 2D design or even a short textual briefing… and end up as sophisticated 3D animated characters. These avatars are defined by many artistic attributes: their graphic style, their animations, their looks, their emotions… Sample images from the video « making of » of BBVA’s avatar Nathalie.   Today, I […]

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Why Create a Blog on Avatars and Who are We?

We are very pleased to launch this blog dedicated to avatars: their uses, their creation, the technologies that bring them to life, and their future.  In different posts, we’ll blog about these topics through expert lessons learned, testimonials, business cases, and academic and industry research results. We also want to hear from you—and encourage you […]

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