Help! My Virtual Assistant doesn’t understand…

A Virtual Assistant doesn’t usually answer 100% of the users’ requests.  Misunderstandings may occur for many reasons: Most commonly, the question hasn’t been anticipated or the user’s input is simply… unintelligible. Both situations happen often, especially if your Virtual Assistant knowledge base is too general.

Therefore, it’s critical to prepare adequate answers to avoid user frustration. In some cases, you may  want to escalate to another channel of communication with more direct human interaction.

When your Virtual Assistant is able to offer an appropriate intervention for misunderstandings or dissatisfaction, you win your customer’s trust and satisfaction.

Best practices are the following:

- Admit: your virtual assistant can say that they “understand” the client has not found what was expected.
- Offer: offer immediate escalation channels for customer support: email, chat, web callback, etc.
- Facilitate: transfer the dialog history, which contains users’ contextual information, to the contact center.

Your users’ requests can then be managed by human support. By escalating to another channel, your Virtual Assistant takes on the most common questions, saving you and the users’ time.

Living Actor™ Assistant just published a major upgrade to finely tune these strategic interactions to guarantee an even more satisfactory user experience. The new Misunderstandings Tab and escalation architecture allows our clients to successfully manage potential misunderstandings.

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