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ES offers Web Self-Service 24/7 with Elsa !

Elsa, Intelligent Virtual Agent for FAQ and selfservice

Energie de Strasbourg has chosen Living Actor for its Dynamic FAQ with the Intelligent Virtual Agent Elsa. Elsa is the face of the online Customer Service and she is available 24/7. She understands all current customers’s requests and answers in realtime: payment, contract, consuption… Come and talk with her!   Elsa embeds the latest generation of […]

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Living Actor is hiring new talent, join us!

Cantoche // Living Actor is hiring a web developer Full stack PHP and a Key accounts Business Developer. Jobs in Paris France

2015 has confirmed the tremendous growth of digital assistance and customer engagement needs for websites, internal assistance, support centers and helpdesk solutions. Living Actor is seeking new talent to accelerate our development! We’re hiring full-time in Paris, France: – a web developer Full Stack PHP to work with our team on Intelligent Virtual Assistants and Live […]

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Happy 2016!

Living Actor by Cantoche and our Intelligent Talking Avatars wish you the best for 2016!

Come and discuss with us to know how Living Actor can help you boost your Digital Customer Relationship! Andrew.

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Living Actor™ Talking Avatars in the Pocket!

Living Actor API to embed your Talking Avatar in your mobile apps!

Your Living Actor™ Talking Avatar is now in the pocket of your users, accompanying them 24/7! Thanks to Living Actor™ API, native iOS and Android librairies are now available and you can embed your Virtual Agents in all your apps!      

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Empathic Intelligent Avatars, the Next Generation of Interfaces?

Alice's adventures in Wonderland

Living Actor, in cooperation with European enterprises and researchers, is preparing the next generation of Intelligents Avatars capable of dialog and empathy. The empathy is  « … the ability to feel and share another person’s emotions… » (read full definition on Wikipedia) These Intelligent Avatars are able to detect the user’s feelings and mood, and they will […]

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Your Assistant offers Contextual FAQ

FAQ Dynamique avec l'Avatar intelligent de Suez Environnement

Imagine that your Virtual Intelligent Assistant can anticipate your visitor’s needs. Your visitors would then find immmediately the good information at the best moment. This is now a reality thanks to the new Dynamic FAQ Module of Living Actor™ Assistant. This new module displays on each page the top questions asked by your visitors. Olivier, the […]

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Living Actor provides “Live Chat” to Keolis Bordeaux

Living Actor Selfservice with virtual and real agent on

Nora is the Virtual Assistant on InfoTBC Website, the site for the public transportation in Bordeaux, France. Nora helps more than 10,000 clients every month, 24/7. To enrich its customer service to its users, InfoTBC has chosen Living Actor to propose Live chat service to their visitors. Come and chat with Nora and InfoTBC agents […]

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3D Avatars to Greet Visitors in Museums!

» A1:1  » project explores new applications for 3D avatars in public spaces. Real time 3D avatars, movement sensors, voice recognition and semantic analysis… all these cutting edge innovations have been gathered to greet dozens of visitors at the Issy-les-Moulineaux museum on September 19 and 20.  

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