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Moust, the Virtual Expert to Fight Mosquitos

Since August 1st, you may have met a strange insect wandering the web? His name is Moust and he is a virtual anti-mosquito expert that you can most often meet on ou (French content) share this information Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it Tell a friend

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Aurore Explains The New Online Order Process For Cheque Dejeuner

The Gallery Avatar Aurore presents the new online procedure to order Chèque Déjeuner. Have a zen attitude just like Aurore, everything is explained on-line in a step by step presentation!   Come and visit and feel free to try our online solutions to creating video presentations or Virtual Interactive Assistants! Andrew. share this […]

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Isa, Manutan’s Virtual Assistant For Europe!

Isa is the Web Virtual Assistant for Manutan, the European leader for industrial and office equipments and supplies. After a successful launch on the French website, late 2011, Isa has been hired to present the site in other European countries: Spain, Portugal and Belgium! You’ll also meet Isa in the Manutan’s flyers and paper catalogs! […]

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The Michelin Man is the Icon of the Year, says Advertising Week!

The Michelin Man (as know as “Bibendum”) has been awarded the “Icon of the Year” prize by Advertising Week magazine. So as to celebrate his nomination, the Michelin Man and his mascot buddies have been walking down Madison Avenue in New York City on October 4, 2011! share this information Recommend on Facebook Tweet about […]

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Living Actor Presenter Featured in Viral YouTube Video

Cantoche avatars Henri and Jacky chosen to animate AI vs. AI chatbot dialogue Living Actor ™ Presenter avatars were chosen by Cornell University’s Creative Machines Lab to animate a chatbot dialogue that went viral on YouTube by August 31st. As of today, the YouTube Video has had over 1.9 million hits. Henri and Jacky avatars […]

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