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The HR chatbot, a tool bound to evolve

Rebecca_Living Actor

The digital transformation has a growing impact on businesses. Human resources are at the heart of this transformation. The need to support and integrate digitalization is an important challenge for any company’s HR department. The HR Chatbot is a digital embodiment of the evolution of collaborative modes and communications in companies. Chatbots are computer programs […]

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Self-care and Chatbot Solutions Revolutionize E-commerce Customer Service!


Web self-service (dynamic FAQs, chatbots, etc.) enables e-commerce web sites to meet consumers’ expectations and increase conversion rates E-commerce is a rapidly growing market (+ 15% turnover in the 2nd half of 2016 according to e-commerce experts at FEVAD). Blue-chip companies are struggling to enrich their web sites beyond static FAQs. Web self-service is in […]

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Self-Learning Virtual Agents for Contact Centers

Learning Avatar

The ODISAE project is designed to achieve a semantic parser of conversations between agents and customers online (via chat, email or on a forum) and use it to enrich a CRM system of non-existent semantic features in the systems currently available on the market. This innovation will be used to describe conversations with several properties: […]

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Living Actor™ Fireman Andrew giving Training in Paris!


SafetyBus is a training company and has been a client and partner of Living Actor™ for long. The Avatars Lilly (trainer) and Andrew (fireman) are part of their team and they are present inside and outside of the trucks to provide training and advice. Here under is a picture of the Fire Training Unit taken […]

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Yoko, Virtual Assistant for Toshiba, awarded for the best CRM System

Cantoche and Toshiba won the 6th edition of the Miss Client trophy, during the Client Strategy Conference in Paris, France. The award acknowledges both organizations for technical excellence and their distinctive approach to building customer relationships. share this information Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it Tell a friend

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Living Actor Assistant: Create Custom Indicators

New Analytics provide you with powerful tools to analyze users’ interactions so you can easily track the performance of your virtual assistant and improve its knowledge base. We just added the section “My Indicators” which allows you to create your own indicators by setting up groups of sequences so you can view the general performance […]

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Discover the new Web responsive Living Actor Virtual Agent!

Since June 2013, Olivier has been the Virtual Assistant for 4 million French customers of Lyonnaise des Eaux (Water distribution and sanitation). In less than 12 months, Olivier reduced the number of emails by more than 30% as he answered thousands of questions coming from all around the country. In September 2014, Lyonnaise des Eaux launched a […]

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How Can A Virtual Assistant Help Your SAP Deployment?

A SAP project usually introduces many changes in an organization. Therefore, two key factors to ensure success are to get everybody involved, and efficiently communicate the project’s vision and objectives. Let me share this customer case study for the Laboratoire CCD – Patrick Choay SA. I interviewed Karen Lacastaigneratte, Communication Manager. share this information Recommend […]

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New Corporate Website: Responsive Web and Many Case Studies

In 2014, Cantoche turns 15 years old! 15 years of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship 15 years of projects with 500 clients in over 40 countries 15 years of team work to better serve our clients every day We are an innovative leader in customer engagement and we’re pleased to be working on many projects for […]

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