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Digital Assistants-Future

Machine learning, speech recognition and emotions in human- machine interactions are the most promising technologies related to artificial intelligence, especially for virtual assistants of tomorrow. Living Actor™ is involved in several research projects and collaborative development around these topics to maintain high-end technology and keep a competitive advantage. In the Top 10 strategic technology trends […]

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Interview with M. Diaz: Avatars and E-learning Industrialization

Rapid-Learning and industrialization are key components for today’s e-learning managers. This is due to an urging need to control the training budgets, industrialize the production process, capitalize on best practices, and to reduce the Time-to-Market. I’m pleased to publish this post following a very interesting interview with Michel Diaz, Associate Director at FEFAUR, a leading […]

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The Michelin Man is the Icon of the Year, says Advertising Week!

The Michelin Man (as know as “Bibendum”) has been awarded the “Icon of the Year” prize by Advertising Week magazine. So as to celebrate his nomination, the Michelin Man and his mascot buddies have been walking down Madison Avenue in New York City on October 4, 2011! share this information Recommend on Facebook Tweet about […]

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Living Actor Presenter Featured in Viral YouTube Video

Cantoche avatars Henri and Jacky chosen to animate AI vs. AI chatbot dialogue Living Actor ™ Presenter avatars were chosen by Cornell University’s Creative Machines Lab to animate a chatbot dialogue that went viral on YouTube by August 31st. As of today, the YouTube Video has had over 1.9 million hits. Henri and Jacky avatars […]

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