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Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence: The Automation of Self-Care


Tools for enabling increased client autonomy have been undergoing a continuous process of enhancement and automation. Each day, we’re seeing an increasing number of innovations, thanks to advances in artificial intelligence designed for use in customer relations. What are the perceived benefits for the client? Up to what point should customer relations be entrusted to […]

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Chatbots are becoming more receptive to human emotion!

Chatbot Emotion

The race to develop the best chatbot technology It is no understatement to say that chatbots are generating a lot of interest from companies. All the big names in the IT industry (e.g. Google, Microsoft, Slack, IBM, Facebook, etc.) are following the trend and looking for new conversational interfaces. Bots and artificial intelligence are broadening […]

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Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year

Dear users and followers of Living Actor™! Following the growing trend in 2016 of chatbots in the customer relations and support market, 2017 will be the year of accelerating automation of services and robotics. With assistance available 24/7, automated processing of routine tasks, intelligent multi-service concierge support, and much more, Living Actor™ is proud to […]

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Living Actor™ designs the future of Virtual Assistants!

Digital Assistants-Future

Machine learning, speech recognition and emotions in human- machine interactions are the most promising technologies related to artificial intelligence, especially for virtual assistants of tomorrow. Living Actor™ is involved in several research projects and collaborative development around these topics to maintain high-end technology and keep a competitive advantage. In the Top 10 strategic technology trends […]

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Generation Y: Chatbots for Millennials?

Gen Y

Hyperconnected and over-informed, members of Generation Y have specific needs related to their use of new technologies. Self-service solutions such as Virtual Agents can meet their expectations and build loyalty. Generation Y is at the center of marketing discussions. Also known as “Millennials” or “Digital natives”, their members were born between 1980 and early 2000. […]

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Emotional Connections in Online Customer Interaction

Avatars laughing

Forming emotional connections with customers and employees is an important part of building and maintaining customer and employee loyalty. This loyalty is a key factor in lowering pricing pressure and providing a significant competitive advantage. For organizations who are actively engaged in efforts to improve their Customer Experience, one of the challenges is how to […]

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3D Avatars to Greet Visitors in Museums!

» A1:1  » project explores new applications for 3D avatars in public spaces. Real time 3D avatars, movement sensors, voice recognition and semantic analysis… all these cutting edge innovations have been gathered to greet dozens of visitors at the Issy-les-Moulineaux museum on September 19 and 20.   share this information Recommend on Facebook Tweet about […]

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Organize your videos in Living Actor™ / March Promotional Offer

We’ve made enhancements to Living Actor™ Presenter! Discover our new features: Organize your videos and explore the new galleries! That’s why I’m happy to offer our clients a special discount in March 2015: Get 1 hour FREE credits for any order of 1 hour or more. This offer is valid for all Living Actor™ clients placing […]

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A Virtual Assistant to Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

  Client Ti Tree Lodge State of the art facility designed for the care of seniors. Mission Improve the Customer Experience. The Virtual Concierge of Ti Tree Lodge engages Web Visitors and answers questions on every Webpage of the site in a natural way. The Concierge provides visitors with relevant information in a 24/7 service.  […]

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